Research Contribution and Achievement

The conference offers emerging scholar awards to outstanding researchers, exceptional graduates or early academicians who have distinctive enthrallment towards the conference themes. The Award strives in providing a strong professional development opportunity for early career academicians—meeting experts in the field, interacting with colleagues from other parts of the world, and creating networks and long-term relations.


  • Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award)
  • Expert level award is most prestigious award of the conference. The eligibility criteria for achieving this award is that one should have minimum of 20+ years of experience in the field of cardiology in the public and/or private sector. The receiver of this award should have a dedicated passion and should take initiative in researching the recent trends and developments towards the related subjects. You can nominate deserving of the award online.

  • Professional Level (The Research Contribution Award)
  • Professional level awards are presented to recognize individuals who have made implemented an idea or innovative approach in the field of cardiology to encourage active involvement for the betterment of the field. The award should motivate individuals to strive to realize their fullest potential which could in turn be beneficial. Epic works are not only a evidence to the individual’s efforts, but they also have the potential to change the world as they can lead to the formulation of better policies and or a new mindset.

  • Scholar Level (The Upcoming Researcher Award)
  • The award is for the research students who are specialists in the field of cardiology. Conference Series aims to offer the best platform for such students to expand their network by sharing research knowledge at a stage through their enchanting speech. You can nominate deserving of the award online.

  • Women Scientist (The Women of Science Award)
  • Our conference provides a unique platform for women scientists for presenting latest research projects with an in-depth analysis in the field of cardiology. We invite women scholars and scientists from different universities/industries those who are having 10+ years of research experience to join the forum. We are glad to encourage our women scientist participants through research awards and provide assistance for women scholars in career development and research guidance through our collaborations. Women scientists can nominate deserving of the award online.

  • Outstanding speaker in Cardiology Care 2020
  • The award is recognizing individual who will present their projects, strategies, and schemes in the field of cardiology that has been implemented to improve long-term excellence. The individuals will be judged based on their research, their presentation skills, etc.

  • Best Keynote Speaker in Cardiology Care 2020
  • Keynote speeches are usually based on the speaker's overview of future advancements and experiences. They can also include motivational and inspirational elements but the most important factor for keynote message success is audience engagement, innovative ideas for the betterment of health conditions in society, someone who captures the essence of your meeting and can subsequently highlight it to the audience in a short amount of time, weaving the key message that you want the audience to take away with them, into their speech in a fun and memorable way.

  • Best Poster Presentation in Cardiology Care 2020
  • Poster presentations are a very influential way of sharing significant research. The poster gives a framework to visually summarize your work, to engage others in discussions, and an opening to entice others to learn more by reading the full paper. The student poster award will acknowledge work that best represents the purposes, goals, vision and adds new knowledge, contributes innovative research, and/or provides insightful contribution to the field by a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral student.

  • Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation in Cardiology Care 2020
  • This award is recognizing for Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work presentations who will exhibit their research studies. This award is for the individual with best thesis which focused on the topic and gives good idea for general audience related to cardiology care.

    • Nomination Submissions are to be scrutinized by the Organizing Committee Members for the Conference and the Editorial Board Members of the Associated Journals.
    • Filing of Nomination does not guarantee the Award, Each nomination submitted has to go through the mentioned scrutiny process.
    • Self-Nominations are also welcomed.