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31st International Conference on Cardiology and Healthcare, will be organized around the theme ““A Cardiologist reveals the secret language of Heart””

Cardiology Care 2021 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Cardiology Care 2021

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Heart disease it is a disorder that affects the heart, sometimes the term "heart disease" is used widely with the term “cardiovascular diseases”.  This disease basically refers to conditions that involve, chest pain (angina), and stroke and blocked blood vessels. Diseases under the heart included blood vessel diseases.

Heart Regeneration is a practice to repair damaged heart cells through stem cell and cell-free cell therapy and cutting-edge science.

The most commonly occurs heart diseases in children is congenital heart diseases. The heart diseases in children may be caused by birth (congenital heart disease), variations in heartbeat rhythm (arrhythmias), and the disturbances of circulatory function.

Congenital heart sickness is an abnormality which is occurs in the heart by way of birth. Abnormal development that takes place in the circulatory system and in the coronary heart earlier than beginning ordinarily causes cardiac abnormalities.

Heart diseases in women’s are increasing day by day, have many misunderstanding regarding Heart disease during which could place them in danger.

Coronary arteries are the blood vessels which carry the blood to heart, it mostly occurs due to the narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries. It is generally caused by the atherosclerosis, it is buildup of fatty deposits inside the arteries.

Ischemia heart diseases refer to lack of blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle, it happens when an artery was blocked for a short period of time. If ischemia is severe it may cause a heart attack. In most of the cases, happens when an artery becomes narrowed for a period of time it may cause the pain of angina pectoris.

Cardiology is essentially associated with high tech and digital innovations. Digital health is fastly entering clinical practice in cardiology. It is described as a broad umbrella term encompassing eHealth, in emerging areas, such as the use of advanced computing sciences in big data, genomics.

Cardiovascular diseases are the common term for that affecting the blood vessels and heart. Now CVD is the most familiar cause of death worldwide. It’s usually build-up of fatty deposits inside the arteries and it can increase risk of blood clots. It can also damage to arteries organs such as eyes, kidneys, heart and brain.

Molecular cardiology is the fast growing area of cardiovascular medicine it’s mainly target to apply molecular biology practices for the treatment, prevention, diagnosis. Molecular cardiology using a wide variety of techniques transgenic models, gene therapy, parabiosis and genomics, stem cell biology, molecular biology.


Diabetes is a serious condition it can occurs when the normal blood sugar levels are high, it can damage your nerves and blood vessels. The longer you have diabetes, the more chances that will develop heart disease, people who are suffering from the diabetes they may have more chances to develop heart diseases at younger ones.


Interventional cardiology is a study which deals with the treatment of structural heart diseases. It is a non-surgical process which uses a catheter to repair damaged vessels, arteries and other affected parts of the heart structure. Different types of procedures can be performed on the heart by catheterization.

Cardio oncology is field of medicine by which are studied the molecular and clinical alterations in cardiovascular system during the different methods of treatment of cancer specially chemo- and targeted therapy.

The continuous advancement of the technological sector has enabled the industry to merge with medicine in order to create new integrated, reliable, and efficient methods of providing quality health care. Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in medical field.

Robotic heart surgery is the heart surgery that can be performed robotically is known as robotic heart surgery. It is done through the very small cuts in the part of chest. With the help of small instruments and robot controlled tools, surgeons are able to do heart surgery in a way that it takes less invasive than open-heart surgery.

Cardiovascular surgery is the surgery related to great vessels and heart they are performed by the cardiac surgeons. It is mostly used to treat difficulties of ischemic heart disease, treat valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease from different causes, including rheumatic heart disease, atherosclerosis, heart transplantation, and endocarditis.

Cardiac nursing is a nursing that works with patients who suffering from many conditions of the cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac nurses help to treat condition such as congestive heart failure, unstable angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease. They perform postoperative care on surgical unit, health assessments.

Sports cardiology is an advancing field that is related with the cardiovascular care of exercise cardiology and athletes is related to the all the age groups. It may incorporate in many aspects of cardiology, such as exercise physiology, electrophysiology, cardiac imaging and structural heart disease.

Nanoscience is technology to develop and design newest cardiac instruments, they are not only small in size but also they are more effective. Robotic surgical system has been developed to provide surgeons with unprecedented control over instruments to offer precision.

Cardiac autoimmune diseases which affects the body immune system mistaking cardiac antigens as foreign and attacking them leading to the heart as a parts or a hole. The most common autoimmune heart diseases are rheumatic heart diseases. Autoimmune myocarditis is a disease that affects heart.

Clinical Cardiology includes studies refer to cardiac diseases such as heart failure, congenital heart diseases, coronary artery disease, cardiovascular heart disease, and their epidemiology and pathophysiology of the heart. The remedial procedures involving diagnosis of cardiac diseases like cardiac surgery, cardiovascular devices, electrophysiology, cardiac regeneration, cardiac medicine, cardiac surgery, and identification of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiology is study of medicine which deals with the heart defects as well as part of the circulatory system. A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the studies of heart & its function of the heart.

Cardiac devices are used to design the irregularities caused by the hearts electrical system, such as heart rhythm disorders and irregular heartbeat. CEI and monitor devices that have benefits for the heart’s electrical system function properly or measure heart rhythm.

Cardiology is a branch of science which deals with the disorders of heart diseases. Heart is the major organs in humans and animals, which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.