The conference will deal with end organ damage induced by cardiovascular risk factors- Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia and Obesity, their early diagnosis and treatment. We will discuss the early mechanisms of damage and treatment of coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, management of lipids, renal failure and peripheral artery disease. This conference will also focus on the significance of prehypertension and hypertension especially when additional risk factors and the cardio metabolic syndrome are present.

Latvian Society of Cardiology was founded in 1992, with the aim of promoting the development of Latvian Cardiology. LSC is to provide effective training for doctors and nurses, to organize courses, seminars, scientific conferences, training - both existing and future cardiologists and cardiology nurses. The association also deals with the recommendations and guidance for cardiologist, internist and family physicians, such as acute coronary syndrome. Evaluation of hypertension and treatment guidelines cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines and others. Annually Latvian Society of Cardiology is participating from 8 to 10 Latvian-wide and international seminars, conferences and congresses, and creating thematic organization. The Society also supports a variety of heart health promotion activities, like the World Heart day, which for many years is celebrated in the end of September in Riga centre. In 1992 Latvian Society of Cardiology was admitted in the European Society of Cardiology.

As a new highlight of Chinese economy, the mushrooming Big Health Market has immeasurable potentials to achieve a size of over RMB 8,000 billion by 2020, predicted CIConsulting. Tapping into China’s growing demand for high-quality wellness & health products, Wellness China targets at both the general public as well as professionals, covering an exhibition area of 15,000 sqm.

The Foundation for the Development of Africa (FDA) (NPC) is a non-membership, private, (NPC) Not-for-profit company actively involved with initiating and facilitating business and other processes conducive to sustainable development in Africa - with the emphasis on sustainability!

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